Your very own project

TIP Group places great value in listening customers’ requirements.

Your very own project

For us, it is the first step to answer closely to the market and keep in touch with our customers and prospects daily actuality.

Our R&D department works every day in laboratory or concretely during field visit.

The R&D team is available to develop or qualify product with customers, as well as to carry out test application and rolling trials. Our R&D department is also present to support our sales force in France and Europe to set up new projects with our customers and prospects.

This support is necessary to our customers who have reactive and reliable answers throughout the implementation of the product.

This technical support service is offered to you right from the beginning of your development project. The same team follows you through every step of the process, right up to when the product is set up on your production line.

Our service is not only a study of your projects. We also are by your side to give you, if necessary, application tips, and watch together the appropriate packaging, the suitable storage conditions relative to your own constraints and consider adequate shipping terms (frequency of deliveries and orders), expected traceability for your product and the whole order process and deadline.

YOUR VERY OWN PROJECT Certification Label is a guarantee that each of your requests will be studied and examined seriously and with professionalism.

For us, every customer need is specific and therefore require special attention.
Your projects are handled with self-evident confidentiality.
Confidentiality is our DNA.