Who we are

We have been working on the market of tyre competition markings since 2004 when we started with dry decals.

TIP Groupe: tyre competition markings and much more!Most of our products, whose technical description and history appear throughout our websites, result from our own development and obtained patent licenses.

All of our developments are monitored jointly with our partner laboratories based in France and Europe. They are among the greatest laboratories in Europe.

The pure chemistry part is often defined by themselves even if we always choose inks and additives nature.

Next, the various layer formulations and transition to decal system as well as industrialization in our units or customer’s units is controlled by our R&D Team who has more than 30 years of experience in Silk screen printing and decal products of all kinds.


We began with our product TRANSTIP 805.

This decals received enthusiastic welcome from our customers who had been looking for viable, flexible, easy and quick marking solution for years to boost efficiently their brand image. We adapted it through banana and rectangular shape. TRANSTIP 805 was a very good product, first born of a large range of decals to be developed. However, after some times of use, we observed that peeling resistance and adhesion was not fully satisfactory to us.

Even if our customers were very happy with this product and did not see necessity of evolution.

TIP as usual, with all its products and ranges, improved the T805 because we are always looking for the best for our customers.


Thanks to the T805 experience and our good knowledge of customer’s needs in this field, our R&D Team improved the product properties.

Several months later, the TRANSTIP 840 was born in 2008. This one showed better peeling resistance and colour durability compared to T805. Despite this improvement, we were not yet satisfied. And to answer to the requirements of some of our customers who needed advanced resistance properties for some car races, we wanted to offer them a higher quality product.


For the 3rd time in less than 10 years, our R&D Department thought about a new possible improvement for dry decal tyre.

After several months of research and intense period of testing with pure chemical as well as with layer mixing and silk screen printing technology. TRANSTIP 855 arrived in 2013 to expand further its product range. Thanks to this new product, a great revolution took place for us as for our customers. This decal chemistry and production process was completely new.

Our R&D Team has been doing remarkable work and we thank them for that.

The shiny or even glossy finish for some colours, the unsurpassed elasticity compared to previous TRANSTIP or competing products, the colours durability, the easy application, together with our field technical support by our customers side that grew stronger.

TRANSTIP 855 is a good product, it still makes part of our product range and our customer’s needs. Nevertheless, we were restricted in terms of shape to produce brand name with banana shapes. The fact was that we had more and more requests from our customers to get decals in order to control car or moto races equipment, such as barcode type, with colour code or sequential numbers…

We consequently developed TRANSTIP 859 and 870 in 2014. This decals presents the same technical properties as TRANSTIP 855 but for smaller sized markings, right angle or rectangular shape, often used for tyre control during moto races. The difference between T859 and T870 is that transparent paper is taken off immediately after application of T859 but for T870, transparent paper remains in place until the race.

Then, for specific requests or for special rubbers, we created new decal ranges again on banana shape for tyre markings.

A quick overview with the following list:


Decals with migration barrier system when rubber present high carbon contain in 2015


Zebra printing protection on the back to identify protection before tyre heating in 2016


Dedicated to elastic rubber and tyres that undergo substantial deformation in 2016


To finish, our R&D department, again, wanted to improve our tyre dry decal.

With this one, we gain incomparable resistance on the market, unequalled colour brightness and durability. We also got an exceptional rolling and heating resistance. This product upgrades the whole tyre markings market and is our last born in 2017: TRANSTIP 874. Its chemical and physical structure was entirely developed by TIP Group Team as the whole range of our TRANSTIP.